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At Nightmarket Games we are always busy creating and prototyping new games. Please check out some of our current prototypes on our page!


🍲 Wild Magic is an action game where cooking is your best weapon against evil animated vegetables. We are in prototyping! 👨‍🍳 Adventure alone or buddy up to slice, dice and fry your way through 3 sizzling stages with 21 shot different types and 64 stat upgrades to discover!


  • 💃 Adventure by yourself or with a friend via couch co-op!
  • 🥓 2 playable characters, 1 unlockable character
  • 💥Each character comes with her own unique main shot and sub shot
  • 🔮 Collect bullets, shield yourself and cook delicious meals to unleash a ✨magical ability✨
  • 💪 Pick up upgrades and powerups after clearing a wave
  • 🍗 21 shot types + 64 stat upgrade items
  • 🎮 Controller friendly with remappable controls
  • 💻 Available for Windows and Mac!