Join the Nightmarket team, where your career unfolds as an inspiring journey of growth, creativity, and enjoyment. Here, we're not just a group of colleagues; we're a vibrant community that cherishes each voice, fosters individual development, and harmonizes dedication with well-being. Aligned with our purpose to empower and celebrate our fans and players, making them heroes of their own stories, we also honor and creatively elevate the brands of our partners and IP holders.


We're committed to inspiring our employees and team members, recognizing the meaningful impact and joy their work brings to others. You're not just joining a team; you're becoming a key player in the narrative we craft together. If you're ready to make games, make a difference, and be a hero in our shared story, Nightmarket is looking for you!

Join our dynamic team!

Explore exciting career opportunities and be part of a vibrant workplace culture committed to innovation and growth.

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Who we are

At Nightmarket Games, we specialize in crafting mobile gaming experiences that place you at the center of your own story. Our games, achieving over 100 million downloads, are built on a foundation of passion, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

Who we are

We aim to immerse players in worlds where their choices have significant impact, empowering them to become the heroes of their adventures. Focusing on quality, fun, and transformative play, our portfolio ensures each game is a journey that resonates deeply with the player, celebrating the hero within.

Life at NM

Life at Nightmarket Games is about creating narratives where you're the hero, supported by a culture rich in creativity, fun, quality, compassion, and integrity. Our environment champions work-life balance, open communication, and diversity, mirroring the broad appeal of our games.

Who we are

Dedicated to innovation and personal growth, we ensure our games reflect the diversity of our community and the individuality of each player's journey. With our team's commitment to inclusivity and engagement through bonding activities and creative challenges, we strive to make every game a realm where players can truly feel like heroes.

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Art Director

Pierre loves long walks in the park, and he makes pretty good art.

Get to know the faces behind our success! Meet our diverse team of passionate professionals dedicated to collaboration, creativity, and excellence. Discover the individuals driving our vision forward, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone's contributions matter.


Perks and Benefits

- Parental leave: 100% 16 weeks top up, 4 weeks paid time off, gradual return to work program
- Mental health and well-being support through Inkblot EAP
- Term Life Insurance & Dependent life insurance
- Extended health, vision, dental
- Health spending account
- Long-term disability insurance too
- Accidental death & dismemberment (yikes!)
- 24/7 consult+ Virtual Healthcare
- Benefits are extended to spouses and children