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We make you
the hero
of your story.

Our Story

Since igniting our journey in 2017, Nightmarket Games has evolved into a beacon of innovation in the gaming world. Our story is crafted from a blend of passion, creativity, and a relentless dedication to developing mobile gaming experiences that captivate the heart and stimulate the mind.

Our story

We empower and celebrate our players by placing them at the center of their own adventurous tales, while honoring and elevating the brands of our partners and IP holders. Each game we create is a testament to our commitment to fun, quality, and the transformative power of play, inspiring our team members and making a meaningful impact in the gaming community.

Our Values

Our values
  • Creativity thrives when we collaborate to innovate how we make unique stories and experiences.
  • Fun is in the extremes where our passion creates engaging moments full of joy and excitement.
  • Quality is a high standard achieved by excellent teamwork through skilled communication and supporting each other in our personal growth.
  • Compassion guides our actions. We think of others with empathy and respect. We are inclusive and approachable because we start conversations from a position of trust.
  • Integrity means we hold ourselves accountable for our responsibilities. When we are honest and ethical with our decisions, we create an environment of equal opportunity for everyone.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs at Nightmarket Games champion a supportive work-life balance, inclusive communication, and shared creativity. We're dedicated to growth, learning, diversity, and inclusion, impacting not just our games but our lives. We invite you to join us in shaping a world where every voice is valued, and every game makes a difference.

  • Support for Everyone: Our commitment to work-life balance is backed by a comprehensive benefits plan and a culture that encourages open discussions about mental health.
  • A Voice for Everyone: We welcome and celebrate all voices, offering freedom for everyone to pitch ideas and provide feedback, regardless of role or seniority.
  • Fun for Everyone: We encourage sharing hobbies and interests, with team bonding activities on Fridays and creative opportunities through pitch and game jams.
  • Growth for Everyone: Personal growth is nurtured with dedicated time for learning new skills, supported by cross-training, online courses, books, and materials.
  • Inclusion for Everyone: Emphasizing diversity and belonging, our team represents a wide range of intersectional identities, enriching our society, business decisions, and products.
Our beliefs

Aligned with our purpose, we empower and celebrate our players, placing them at the heart of their own stories, while also elevating our partners' brands. Since 2017, Nightmarket Games has grown into a beacon of innovation, driven by passion, creativity, and a commitment to developing mobile gaming experiences that captivate and challenge. Each game is a testament to our dedication to fun, quality, and transformative play, inspiring our team and impacting the gaming community.



Join Nightmarket Games and take control of your story. Join a team where every voice matters, fostering growth and balancing work with well-being. Our mission is to inspire our players by creating impactful and joyful experiences. Ready to create games and make a difference? Join us and be the hero in our shared journey.

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