Rift Rangers

Can you survive 20 minutes? Rift Rangers is roguelite, sentai-heavy, and bullet-heaven. Obliterate inter-dimensional hordes and try to survive until your Mega Mecha can secure the rift!

Take command of the Rift Rangers, powerful sentai tasked with protecting the Earth from evil forces – especially those with lasers and sharp claws pouring through a dimensional instability rift from The Master Brain. To save the planet, you must enter the rift and use your RiftTech to hold back overwhelming hordes of inter-dimensional monsters for 20 increasingly intense minutes – until your Mega Mecha can finalize its power-up cycle and stomp them all!


Every minute you survive, the monstrous hordes will increase in number. Your survival depends on becoming a force of devastating destruction, obliterating all enemies in your path.


Use the powerful dimensional energy from your slain enemies to continually upgrade your RiftTech. Be warned! The unstable nature of the energy causes randomized upgrade choices so choose carefully.


The right combination of weapons can create a synergistic force of awesome destruction that will annihilate all enemies, making you truly unstoppable!

The wrong choice will undoubtedly result in your crushing defeat. No pressure!


These monsters are no match for our Mega Mecha!

But it needs 20 minutes to finalize the power up cycle. And then it can stomp these fiendish foes back into the inter-dimensional oblivion they came from! Can you survive long enough?


Death is permanent! Mostly. Unless you refuse to die and try again! When the rift ends, through survival or death, upgrades reset. But you keep the energy chips you collected! Use them to buy permanent upgrades and help superpower your sentai!


  • The Rangers are roguelite; no saves, no extra lives. Randomized power-ups mean that every mission will require a different strategy.
  • Four Rangers to choose from, each with their own unique ability and starting tech.
  • Feat system to unlock new RiftTech, levels, Rangers, and more!
  • Use Energy Chips to enhance your sentai warriors for a permanent advantage against the forces of darkness.
  • Two worlds to destroy evil on – each with their own mechanics and challenges.
  • Unleash a variety of RiftTech and become an unstoppable fighting force.
  • Sentai awesomeness – ultra-cool helmets, poses, and tokusatsu inspired enemies!
  • With 13 different levels of difficulty to unlock, your fight against The Master Brain will rage on for so long, the glory of your battles will be legendary!
  • Rock out to a killer theme song! Refuse to Die!!!