GDC 2024

GDC 2024

A Whirlwind of Ideas, Connections, and Steps (A Lot of Them!)


The dust has settled, we’re finally off of our feet, and as a team, we’ve had some time to digest the whirlwind that was GDC 2024. Here’s our recap of an event that was as enlightening as it was exhilarating.

Bing Gordon’s Wisdom: A Call to Arms for Gamers Everywhere

During the Product x LiveOps Symposium, Bing Gordon dropped a golden nugget of wisdom that resonated with us: the gaming industry may be facing job losses, but the world beyond games is ripe with opportunities. Education, healthcare, and even government sectors are eager to inject a dose of gamification into their realms. So, if you’re pondering your next career move, consider this a sign to broaden your horizon.

AI: The New Frontier in Gaming (and Beyond)

The exploration of AI in gaming is not just ongoing; it’s thriving. Witnessing the myriad of experiments and projects at GDC was nothing short of thrilling. It’s a clear indicator that AI might just be the key to lowering costs and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in game development. We’re optimistic about the future—more jobs, better games, and endless possibilities.

Diversity: More Than Just a Buzzword

It’s been a while since our last GDC pilgrimage, and the changes are palpable. The industry’s growing diversity is not just visible; it’s vibrant. It’s a testament to the ongoing efforts towards inclusivity and understanding within our community. Let’s keep this momentum going, shall we?

Web3: A Cautious Rekindling

Talk of Web3 is back on the table, and it seems like there’s a renewed sense of confidence among developers. The consensus? Cautious optimism. There’s a shared belief in the potential for growth, and it’s a conversation we’re all keen on being a part of.

Human Connections: More Than Just Networking

Our pre-GDC apprehensions quickly dissolved into meaningful connections and conversations. GDC proved to be the perfect reminder that we’re more than our job titles; we’re a community bound by a shared passion. From LinkedIn interactions to serendipitous meet-ups, the personal stories and shared moments were truly the heart of the conference.

GDC By the Numbers (and Footwear)

An average of 17,000 steps a day (blisters included), engaging round tables, and memorable after-parties—it was an eventful week. A shoutout to fellow walkers, talkers, and especially those rocking Vessis from Vancouver; your presence made the miles all the more worthwhile.

The Art of Conversation (and Where to Find It)

Navigating GDC as an introvert? Challenge accepted. From outfit ice-breakers to industry deep-dives, the realization hit us: there’s always a way to connect. Whether you’re rubbing elbows with AAA legends or sharing insights with eager learners, every conversation is a chance to share and grow.

Learning: An Open Invitation

The game industry’s rapid evolution was on full display at GDC. With speakers and attendees hailing from every corner of the globe, the event was a melting pot of fresh ideas and perspectives. Our takeaway? Stay open, stay curious, and the learning never stops.

Self-Care: A GDC Must

GDC is a marathon, not a sprint. Between the jam-packed sessions and the after-dark festivities, it’s crucial to pace yourself. Hydration, nutrition, and occasional quiet moments are your best friends in the fray. Remember, taking care of yourself means you get to enjoy more of what GDC has to offer.

In Conclusion: Have Fun, Will Travel

GDC 2024 was a vibrant showcase of the industry’s future, brimming with enthusiasm, innovation, and camaraderie. It’s a powerful reminder of why we love what we do. Here’s to the games we play, the ones we create, and the incredible community that makes it all happen. Until next year, GDC, keep the game strong.