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Our Journey to Over 100 Million Downloads

We are thrilled to share an incredibly exciting achievement that marks our journey in the mobile gaming landscape.


We are thrilled to share an incredibly exciting achievement that marks our journey in the mobile gaming landscape. We have officially surpassed the 100 million download milestone across our diverse portfolio of games. This achievement is more than a number; it represents the significant impact we’ve made through popular titles such as Slugterra: Slug it Out 2, Beyblade Burst Rivals, and Ben 10 Heroes, among others.
Our co-founder and CEO, Ken Faier, couldn’t hide his excitement, saying,

We’re actually over 100 million! We were so busy with our heads down working on our new project codenamed TitanCrash that it kind of snuck up on us!

This enthusiasm embodies our studio’s dedication to developing engaging and innovative gaming experiences that captivate players around the globe.

Dennis Leong, our co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, shared his heartfelt gratitude,

I’m extremely grateful when I think about how many people have played our games. I’m in awe of our team members, past and present, who should be immensely proud of the fun and entertainment they’ve created for so many people.

Our co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Chad Greenway, added,

This really is a testament to the team and their dedication to crafting quality experiences for our players. We couldn’t be more proud of the work they have done.

We attribute our success to the seamless integration of gameplay with our brand partners. Our experience with the Slugterra franchise, especially with titles like Slug it Out! and Slug it Out 2, vividly underscores this point.

The match-3 genre has resonated strongest with Slugterra fans,

says Dennis Leong. This success not only highlights the importance of engaging gameplay but also the power of a strong brand connection. Our achievements reflect the solid relationships we’ve nurtured with both brand owners and their enthusiastic fan bases.

By crafting games that not only entertain but also immerse players as protagonists in their beloved universes, we unlock extraordinary outcomes. This collaborative synergy has been instrumental in surpassing the milestone of 100 million organic downloads across our games, underscoring the magic of combining great gaming experiences with beloved brands.


This milestone comes at a time when we are deeply invested in the development of our latest project TitanCrash. Designed as a midcore strategy game tailored for mobile platforms, TitanCrash is set to redefine the strategy game experience on mobile, offering a more accessible approach compared to the intense depth of traditional RTS games like StarCraft. With a tentative soft launch date set for May 6, 2024, the gaming community is eagerly awaiting what we anticipate will be an innovative contribution to the mobile gaming landscape, blending strategic gameplay with the convenience of mobile accessibility.

As we continue to push the boundaries of mobile gaming, our journey from a passionate game studio in Vancouver to a global powerhouse celebrated for over 100 million downloads is a story of dedication, creativity, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence.

The future is exciting, and we can’t what lies ahead.