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SPOTLIGHT: Arseniy Nazarenko

Product Manager


Tell me about your roles at NightMarket games and how long have you been with the company?

As the Product Manager at NightMarket games, I oversee all production processes, coordinate teams, manage production plans, and contribute creatively by generating ideas for project enhancements. My responsibilities also include approving game design, task assignment, monitoring art style, and from a product perspective, analyzing metrics. Additionally, I collaborate with the marketing team, ensuring a comprehensive approach to my role that encompasses various facets of project development. I’ve been with the company for 4 months but already actively contributing to its growth and success.

What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job is the opportunity to contribute my creative ideas to enhance the project. Conceptualizing and implementing these ideas, and witnessing the positive impact they have on the project, brings me immense satisfaction. The ability to innovate and see tangible results from my contributions is what makes my role truly fulfilling. 3. What do you find most captivating about games / what got you into games?   I entered game development 22 years ago, transitioning from the film industry. What captivated me was the prospect of crafting interactive worlds with dynamic stories. My deep involvement in Dungeons & Dragons, where I created imaginary realms, scripted scenarios, and guided players through unique, evolving narratives, drew me into the realm of game development. The expansive possibilities to bring my ideas to life within the gaming industry became a compelling draw for me.

What are your top games of all time?

  1. Master of Orion 2: A classic in the 4X strategy genre, known for its depth and complexity.
  2. Heroes of Might and Magic III: A beloved turn-based strategy game with a fantasy setting,  influencing most modern turn-based strategy games.
  3. Starcraft: The iconic real-time strategy series known for its engaging gameplay and story.
  4. Magic The Gathering (MTG): The renowned collectible card game that has stood the test of time.
  5. Dota: A groundbreaking MOBA that has become a staple in competitive gaming.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of gaming?

I’m an avid enthusiast of tabletop games, boasting a collection of 120 board games. For many years, I’ve been passionate about windsurfing and diving. Music is another love of mine; I enjoy singing, composing, and playing both the piano and guitar. In the past, I even had my own music band.

Describe your dream project?

Imagine an open-world, revolutionary role-playing transformation game where players, unaware of it, contribute to the growth of positive human qualities through immersive gameplay conditions and interactions. As they navigate this expansive world, characterized by increasing interconnectedness and a growing array of games within games, individuals not only experience personal growth but actively contribute to a shared narrative of kindness, cooperation, and understanding. This dream project aims to create an ever-expanding gaming universe that seamlessly blends entertainment with the development of real-world virtues, fostering a better understanding of our shared humanity.

What advice do you give for anyone aspiring to get into game development?

Cultivate a genuine love for gaming, continually adapt through learning. Recognize that game development offers vast opportunities but demands meticulous effort. Learn to analyze games, understanding their components, attractions, strengths, and weaknesses. Gain practical experience by creating projects, building a strong portfolio. Understand that success in game development requires dedication and hard work. Connect with the gaming community, diversify skills, and stay updated on industry trends for career growth. Embrace the rewarding challenges of the field.

What are your core beliefs when it comes to your job?

In my job, I’m guided by a passion for the work and a sense of purpose, believing that continuous learning, effective collaboration, and open communication are essential for success. I adhere to the principle of never approaching work apathetically; every project is undertaken with a sense of ownership, taking responsibility for both individual decisions and team outcomes. I prioritize attention to detail, recognizing that the quality of a product is a sum of its meticulous components.

Any parting words?

As I conclude, I’d emphasize the importance of approaching every endeavor with enthusiasm, ownership, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Remember, success is often a reflection of passion, collaboration, and attention to detail. Best of luck in your endeavors!