SPOTLIGHT: Emily Pierron

SPOTLIGHT: Emily Pierron



We’re thrilled to introduce Emily Pierron, a star producer at ESI whose journey in the gaming industry is as inspiring as it is impactful.

Emily’s innovative approach and dedication have been instrumental in shaping some of our most successful games. Let’s dive into her world and celebrate her remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries in game development.

Emily, can you tell us about your role at ESI?

As a Producer at ESI, I play a multifaceted role. I’m responsible for allocating resources to our projects, managing timelines and budgets, and overseeing the Agile process, particularly on our latest project, TitanCrash. It’s a role that keeps me on my toes, blending creativity with strategic planning.

What aspects of working at ESI do you love the most?

What I genuinely adore about ESI is the leadership. Our owners are incredibly down-to-earth and foster a positive, inclusive work culture. There’s a strong alignment between the company’s values and my own, which instills a sense of purpose and shared mission. Plus, the projects we undertake are a constant source of inspiration that make every day an adventure.

What is it about games that you find so captivating?

I’m fascinated by how games can bring people together. I have a soft spot for cozy games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing because they’re relaxing and uplifting. Playing these games, especially in co-op mode with my best friend who lives abroad, is an absolute joy. It’s amazing how games can connect us across distances.

Could you share your top games of all time and a favorite gaming memory?

Stardew Valley tops my list. I’ll never forget the moment when Elliot rejected me at the town dance, despite all the duck feathers and rabbit’s feet I gave him! Another is playing Disney’s The Lion King on PC and Sonic on Sega during my childhood. Those games were a big part of my growing up.

What would be your dream project to work on?

I dream of working on a cozy game. Creating a space that offers comfort and joy, building serene environments, and fostering connections between characters aligns perfectly with my passion for positive, immersive gaming experiences. Contributing to a game that encourages relaxation and nurtures a warm online community would be incredibly fulfilling.

What advice would you give to those aspiring to join the gaming industry?

Get involved in local events and network with industry professionals. Building relationships and understanding the industry landscape is crucial for anyone starting out.

Are there any core beliefs or principles that guide you in your work and life?

Reliability and kindness are my guiding principles. As a Producer, being reliable is crucial for gaining my team’s trust. I value this trait in others as well. Treating everyone with kindness is equally important in fostering a positive and productive work environment.

Any parting words for our readers?

Keep learning and stay curious! I love taking online courses and attending classes at the community center. Continuous learning and trying new things keep the mind sharp and the spirit invigorated. It’s Emily’s passion and dedication that drive success in the gaming industry.

Her commitment to creativity, team collaboration, and continuous learning are not just inspiring but also reflective of the innovative spirit at ESI.

Thanks, for you all that you do, Emily!

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