The Future of Gaming

The Future of Gaming

Why Values Like Creativity, Fun, and Inclusion Matter


In the ever-evolving world of gaming, creativity, fun, quality, compassion, integrity, and inclusivity are the pillars that sustain and drive the industry forward. These values are crucial not only for individual companies like Epic Story Interactive but also for the industry’s overall growth and sustainability.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the heartbeat of the gaming industry. Creativity thrives in environments that champion diverse perspectives and inclusive practices. Events like Creative Campfire underscore this, demonstrating how diversity in thought and background is key to innovation. At Epic Story Interactive, we embody this ethos, understanding that a mix of voices and ideas are not just beneficial for our creative process but, instrumental in shaping the future of gaming.

An example of how we practice this is by periodically putting our project work on hold to focus entirely on our own creative ideas. This is exemplified in our game jams, where we dedicate a week to work solely on these initiatives. We invest into prototyping games, nurturing the seeds of innovation within our team. Furthermore, we actively encourage our team members to pitch their ideas, creating opportunities for these concepts to be developed internally. This approach not only fosters a culture of creativity and innovation but also demonstrates our commitment to empowering our team in shaping the future of gaming.

Fun and Engagement

If creativity is the heartbeat, then fun is the cap stone, extending beyond the games to the workplace. A fun, engaging work place leads to happier, more productive teams, a critical factor in a high-pressure industry. Gone are the days of grinding out 100 hour weeks to get the next release out. At Epic Story Interactive, we are prioritizing an enjoyable and engaging work culture with the overly transparent goal of attracting and retaining top talent, fostering a creative and innovative atmosphere. As a fully remote studio, we understand that in-person meetings are crucial to team cohesion and morale. The team gets to gether every other week to work on games and play them together, fostering an environment of fun.

Quality through Collaboration

High-quality game development hinges on teamwork and communication. Collaborative teams, where members support each other’s growth, naturally produce superior quality. This collaborative spirit is essential for the industry to continue delivering experiences that delight and surprise players.

Compassion and Empathy

In today’s diverse gaming world, understanding and respecting the player base is crucial. Practices that focus on inclusivity and empathy not only build a loyal community but also ensure the industry’s relevance and sensitivity to its audience. This is where our commitment as an equal opportunity employer plays a pivotal role. By welcoming individuals from all walks of life, including Indigenous peoples, members of racialized communities, persons with disabilities, women, and those identifying as 2SLGBTQIA+, we’re not just adhering to good policy but enriching our creative landscape. This diversity is essential in crafting games that resonate globally and reflect the rich diversity of our gaming community.

In addition to our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we place a high priority on the well-being and work-life balance of our team. Our working hours are highly flexible, accommodating the varied needs of our employees and making it easier for them to attend personal appointments and manage life outside of work. We recognize the importance of mental health and actively encourage taking mental health days. Our management team works closely with staff to ensure that all vacation time is utilized throughout the year, promoting rest and rejuvenation. We are firmly against the culture of overtime, understanding that long-term productivity and creativity come from well-rested and balanced team members.

By collaborating to devise plans that complete work efficiently without encroaching on personal time, we ensure that our commitment to our employees’ well-being is more than just policy – it’s a fundamental part of our work ethos. This approach not only supports our team members but also contributes to a more vibrant, creative, and sustainable work environment.

Integrity and The Bigger Picture

Upholding integrity and ethical standards in business and development practices is fundamental. Ethical decision-making fosters a culture of trust and respect, crucial for long-term success and credibility in an industry often scrutinized for its practices.

At Epic Story Interactive, these values shape every game and interaction we have with our players, team members, and the community. The significance of these values, however, extends beyond our company. The entire gaming industry is at a crossroads, and embracing these principles could define its future.

So why are we saying all of this? Why does this matter? It’s simple, the future of gaming hinges on more than technological advancements; it relies on a commitment to values that nurture the industry, making it a better place for everyone in it. We will continue to commit to doing what we can to move towards a more inclusive, ethical, and innovative future. #GamingIndustry

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