Meet The Team

  • Alex



    Senior Quality Assurance

    Alex is a long time QA tester and analyst, and has the grey hairs to show for it. Often accompanied by his cat companion, Sato. Wants to live in space, but will accept a nice cabin in the woods.

    • Not As Scary As He Looks +25
    • Reliability +999
    • Cats +3
    • Combat Status Tired
  • Arseniy



    Product Manager

    In the realm of product management, an enigmatic figure emerges, known for unraveling the secrets of game design with a finesse unmatched. A silent strategist with a penchant for tinkering beneath the surface, this individual weaves intricate patterns through the gears of creativity. When not orchestrating the grand symphony of product development, his fingers dance effortlessly on the piano keys, and his command tabletop armies like a seasoned general. Behold the Product Manager, a shadowy force shaping worlds with analytical precision.

    • Game Design Insight +95
    • Piano Enchantment +75
    • Board Game Strategist +80
  • Aylinn



    Junior 3D Game Artist

    She may be small in stature, and doesn’t pose as much of a threat at all… But she does keep her bottom right wisdom tooth on her at all times so be wary… Enjoyer of silly things including but not limited to: fishies, knick-knacks, images of small cats and stickers.

    • Microplastics consumed weekly 6g
    • Shy +7
    • Tummy aches +1
    • Keyboards +5
  • Bee



    Senior Software Engineer

    Aspiring arthropod from Planet Claire. World map enjoyer; consummate bullshitter; hobbyist doomsayer.

    • Lightning Fingers +10
    • Wizard Eyes +2
    • Weirding 3-6 (nighttime only)
  • Bethany



    Development Manager

    Bethany is a professional cat wrangler that dreams of a life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you can't find her at home playing video games (or coming up with ideas for new ones), you're probably not looking hard enough. A lover of animals and music, she might even let you pet her kitty while she plays violin for you...if you ask nicely.

    • Pet Owner +100
    • Musician +50
    • Napper +20
  • Chad



    Chief Creative Officer / Founder

    Chad loves to hang out with his family in the woods, read books, draw pictures, listen to records, bake bread, and organize potlucks. If Chad could be any video game character, he would be Banjo and/or Kazooie! Chad is currently building Zonai vehicles with his son.

    • Tree Whisperer +100
    • Librarian +25
    • Collector of Sounds +80
    • Bread Mage +40
  • Dennis



    Chief Operating Officer / Founder

    Dennis tries to be a little bit smarter and a little bit stronger every day.

    • Squat +10
    • Bench -25
    • Deadlift +10
  • Emily




    Emily loves singing, cheesecake, flowers, bad horror movies, and Halloween. She might be the only person in Vancouver who doesn’t like sushi. She’s from the Sunshine Coast and spends too much time on the ferry visiting her family.

    • Puzzle pieces +1000
    • Cute but sassy dog +1
    • BC Ferries 16
    • Favorite color #FFC0CB
  • Gordon



    Senior Software Engineer

    This creature is often found in his cave, collecting a pile of indie games. Would love to chat about various obscure titles. Has a weakness to fire.

    • Undecided Mustache +10
    • Obscure Game Fanatic +5
    • Fighting Game Lover +50
    • Cat Daddy +100
  • Henry



    Software Engineer I

    Casually obsessed with 2D platformers, ARPGs, and shoot 'em ups. Drinks tea and eats retro games. Has no pets but owns a sentient stack of paper. Perpetually stumbling through the labyrinth of the world tree.

    • Fire Resist (Spicy Food) +75%
    • Hitbox 3x3 px
    • Raged Streets +2
    • Motion Sickness YES
  • Jonathan



    Senior 3D Game Artist

    A seasoned concept artist and 3D artist working in the game industry for many years. A painter who enjoys spending time outside painting beautiful scenery. A father love to spend time with his kids making cardboard toys.

    • Ice Coffee +100
    • Useless Household Accessary +30
  • Josephine



    Game Artist, Game Designer

    REALLY loves cars and phallic fur patterns on cats. Enjoys that good good swamp water, as well.

    • Bob-loving Power +2
    • Hitscan Ability -2
    • Hot Potatoes +69
    • Abilility to Spell -5
  • Joy



    Senior Game Designer

    Loves Pomeranians and sea otters. Eats their sashimi with wasabi soy sauce, cleansing their palate with pickled ginger between bites. Bad at math amongst other things!! but sure loves to draw.

    • Unidentified Food Allergies +100
    • Multilingualism +4
    • Centimetres +175 entire centimeters
    • Spicy Food Tolerance +2
  • Ken



    Chief Executive Officer / Founder

    Ken Faier is El Presidente and CEO of Epic Story Interactive and Epic Story Media. The mission for both companies is to put creators at the center of compelling and engaging franchises for kids.

    • Cartoons +100
    • Purveyor of Fun +50
    • Bottles of Rose +15
    • Golfing +10
  • Lindsay



    Human Resources Business Partner

    Lindsay is going to take over the world with her massive collection of art supplies and Lego that she reluctantly shares with her kids. When she’s not being crafty she is out hiking with her dogs, singing in the rain or she can be found at beaches and historical places with her Metal Detector and Treasure Hunting tools. Lindsay is like an NPC player who gives advice, offers quests and will fight for the team with her mama bear skills.

    • NPC +10
    • Gamer Mom +82
    • Treasure Hunting +50
    • Worldbuilding +5
  • Marc



    Senior Software Engineer

    A tinkerer and explorer, Marc resides in a workshop orbiting the moon. There, he creates automatons that help him on his experiments. When stars fall from the sky, it's usually failed experiments tossed from his window.

    • Dark Liquid Brewing +11
    • Tinkering +6
    • Brick Building +8
    • Exploration +7
  • Pierre



    Art Director

    Pierre loves long walks in the park, and he makes pretty good art.

    • Bridge Troll +100
    • Basement Dweller +50
    • Fatherhood +10
    • Beard +85
  • Sam



    Administrative Assistant

    Enjoys trying weird foods and building IKEA furniture.

    • Spilling Coffee on White Shirts +100
    • Memory for Useless Information +5
    • Game Enjoyment +100
    • Game Skill +0.05
  • Stu



    Senior Game Designer

    Spends an almost embarrassing amount of time working on Game creation or appreciating Video games across the years. Spanning from Tennis for Two till whenever AI raises up and we plug into the Matrix.

    • Pug Walking +50
    • Game Making +100
    • Game Watching +90
    • Game Playing +80
  • Tamiko



    Software Engineer I

    Coder, game developer, bread-maker. Loves making puzzles yet hates solving them. Kinda sus.

    • Rubik's Cube Collection Never Enough
    • T-spin Triples Never Enough
    • Steam Game Library Never Enough
    • Ice Cream Height Never Enough
  • Wan-Teen



    Software Engineer I

    Tries to cut down on an growing backlog of games when possible, but gets side-tracked by shiny new ones. Really enjoys snapping photos of birds (and other wildlife!) and identifying them when not hindered by arch-nemeses, Seasonal Allergies and The Cold.

    • Game Completion -50%
    • Hawk-Eyed For Birds 20/20
    • Allergy DoT -10/s
    • Hot Beverages +24


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